Set of Two Solid Wheels Suitable for OT1000/04/07/12/16/17 Trolleys

Product no.: OT-W-6

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Pair of Solid Wheels for OT1000/04/07/12/16/17 trolleys

Compatible with:

  • OT1000
  • OT1004
  • OT1007
  • OT1012
  • OT1016
  • OT1017


  • Tyre Size: 10"x3.00" 250mm x 67mm
  • Hub Diameter at Rim: 4" 125mm
  • Hub Length (length of axle covered by the wheel): 43mm, may need additional washers/spacers on some trolleys to make up to 55mm
  • Axle Hole: 16mm
  • Metal ball bearing
  • Tyre colour: Black

Please note the design and colour may differ from the pictures shown as we continually develop this product.

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