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OT2004W6 Puncture Proof Tyre Supercart, Huge 500 kg Capacity, Heavy Duty Outdoor Platform Trolley with Removable Standard Side Panels, Garden Cart, Easy Assembly.

‘Supercart’ with Standard Side Panels and 15 inch diameter Puncture Proof Tyre Wheels (Two Wheel Options Available)
Bed size 180 x 88 cm
Maximum capacity 500 kg (400 kg recommended)

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OT2004W6 Supercart

UNIQUE, HUGE 180 x 88 cm Platform, Towable, Platform Trolley, Heavy Duty, Large 15 inch diameter Wheels, Outdoor Trolley – Absolutely rugged design with a spread load capacity of up to 500 kg tested (400 kg recommended). Cleverly designed modular construction allows for a number of different configuration upgrades (see our other listings for the OT2000 series)

The OT2004W6 Supercart is a flat top platform trolley with standard removable side panels and  foam filled puncture proof tyre wheels
Huge 15 inch – 380 mm Diameter Wheels, perfect for rough terrain

Top Quality, Rugged, 500 kg Capacity Towable Garden Cart Trolley Barrow, Huge 15 inch diameter puncture proof tyre wheels for all surfaces. Includes towing kit. Articulated steering, rubber coated handle.  Ideal for gardens, industry, parks, farms (Idea for lamb transport!), sports clubs, schools, festivals, markets and tree surgeons.

Designed by and specified exclusively by Ollies Trolleys.

This trolley is perfect for towing with a ride on mower or ATV. The upper handle detaches to reveal a towing yoke with a 9 mm locking pin. Attachment takes only seconds

The trolley components are packed into separate boxes. The main assembly in one box with the wheels and side panels (when ordered) in separate boxes. This is to allow the greatest flexibility whilst keeping the shipping weight per carton to a minimum allowing for easier handling and lower delivery costs.

Good quality manual written by Ollies Trolleys.

All models in the OT2000 supercart range:

OT2008W2 – Flat bed trolley with no sides and 15 inch diameter pneumatic tyre wheels
OT2010W6 – Flat bed trolley with no sides and 15 inch diameter puncture proof tyre wheels
OT2000W2 – Cage trolley with removable standard sides and 15 inch diameter pneumatic tyre wheels
OT2001W2 – Cage trolley with removable tall sides and 15 inch diameter pneumatic tyre wheels
OT2004W6 – Cage trolley with removable standard sides and 15 inch puncture proof tyre wheels
OT2005W6 – Cage trolley with removable tall sides and 15 inch puncture proof tyre wheels


Carton sizes : Box 1 : 90 x 90 x 16 cms. Box 2 : 43 x 43 x 43 cms. Box 3 : 91 x 35 x 17 cms.
Gross weights : Box 1 : 29.5 kg. Box 2 : 15.3 kg. Box 3 : 10.7 kg.
Gross weight of assembled trolley : 53.1 kg
Overall dimensions when assembled (with handle upright – (excl height of handle) – with standard side panels attached ) 197 x 88 x 75.2 cms (L x W x H).
Overall dimensions when assembled (without handle – no side panels attached) 180 x 88 x 44.8 cms (L x W x H).
Height of trolley bed above floor 44.8 cms.
Length of tow bar from centre of axle pivot point 96 cms. Projection of handle from end of trolley bed 80 cms
Diameter of wheels 39 cms (15 inches)

Please note specifications and appearance may vary as we continuously develop and enhance this product

Additional product information

Type of Trolley Huge, Platform, Heavy Duty, Large Wheels, Standard Removable Side Panels, Outdoor Trolley
Special Features Special Features: very large wheels, large platform area, easy steering with towing yoke. Extremely Robust.
Delivered Kit Delivered Kit: Kit form, approximately 30-40 min task, spanners/wrench/socket required.
Assembly Time Approximately 30-40 minutes, we strongly recommend you lay out all the parts first.
Warranty Full 1 Year Return to Factory Warranty. Ask for details.
Additional information
Weight 53 kg
Max Load Capacity

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